Leadership Consulting

We partner with organisations going through periods of change, transformation and growth to acquire the data and insight to enable you to make better informed decisions and gain competitive advantage

Leadership Consulting can and should be better

Whether you are seeking a more proactive talent pipeline to mitigate risk, to understand how to engage with and attract more diverse business leaders, or to understand how your closest competitors structure their business and remuneration, we are able to provide tailored solutions to find the answers to your business critical questions – sometimes questions you didn’t even know could be answered

Leadership Consulting

Succession Planning

Whether mitigating the risk of losing key talent or ensuring you are proactive in identifying future leaders, we help build talent pipelines and succession plans to future proof your business

Competitor Insight

Ever wonder how your competitors structure their business? Or if your organisational structure is fit for the future? We can show you how other organisations structure their teams

Remuneration Benchmarking

What's the real data behind how your competitors reward their senior leaders? How does this work in reality? Does this inspire? We provide the specific information that others can't

Diversity Pipelining

Proactively creating a more diverse pipeline of business leaders; thinking creatively about how to engage, attract, develop and retain a more diverse senior leadership team

Leadership Assessment

Enabling you to benchmark your senior leaders against others in the industry and identify individual and team development points or talent gaps

EVP Analysis

What's the truth behind your Employer Value Proposition? How is your brand really perceived in the market? How do you compare with your competition?

Tailored Solutions

What knowledge, insight or data would enable you to have a significant competitive advantage? We are able to provide tailored solutions to your key questions

Longlist Support

Partnering with internal talent acquisition teams where a full executive search process is not required; providing research and market mapping through to longlist stage

Partnering with organisations through periods of change, transformation & growth

Case Studies

Organisational Structure
The Brief

One of the UK’s leading eCommerce brands wanted to understand how their key competitors globally structured their leadership teams and to understand the relationship between key functions

The Result

Obtained evidence to draw precise organisational structures to present to the Board; collected anecdotal insight to explain the relationship between key target functions, helping the client to understand how decisions were made in each organisation; enabled the client to make a more informed decision about their future organisational structure
Remuneration Benchmarking​
The Brief

A FTSE 250 organisation wanted further insight into their key competitors’ leadership remuneration ahead of a company-wide leadership reward review

The Result

Provided exact remuneration details for key targets, including variable short-term & long-term incentive performance; acquired insight into how motivating and engaging the overall remuneration package was to senior leaders; enabled the client to understand the human factors behind the numbers and create a far more engaging reward system
Diversity Pipelining
The Brief

A FTSE 250 organisation had struggled to hire more progressive, diverse operational leaders and wanted to learn from other industries so they could build talent pipelines to address their imbalance

The Result

Identified different industries where leaders had relevant operational, transferable skillsets; engaged with target candidates to promote cross-industry moves and build a warm pipeline of progressive, diverse talent; acquired additional insight on how to engage diverse leaders and the current attraction and retention strategies used by other industries within the target landscape
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The Next Generation of Leadership Consulting

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